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Welcome To Sherezade
Today: Oct-8
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Welcome to Sherezade 

Film_MakingSherezade Management Company (SMC) is continuing the tradition started by its predecessor, Sherezade Films (SF), using the name of one of the greatest female storytellers in history -- Sherezade.

Being well educated, Sherezade took it upon herself to stop the madness of her King, who had daily liaisons with young women before killing them as revenge against his unfaithful ex-wife.
Each night Sherezade would tell the stories of The Arabian Nights and stop late at night claiming she was too tired to go on. She told new tales every night, but would stop at a climax point claiming sleepiness so the King could not kill her in order to find out the ending. This continued for three years, during which she bore three sons of the King. Satisfied and grateful, the King ended his pursuit of revenge.
These tales were compiled and translated into English by Sir Richard Francis Burton in 1885 and titled 1001 Arabian Nights. To this day, classic tales of Sherezade are read around the world and re-imagined across various media.
In keeping with the Sherezade tradition, SMC will continue to inspire through a high caliber, universally themed collection of stories that speak to the human condition.


Sherezade Management Co.
Ramez Tomeh - Managing Director
Manama Centre
Entrance 1, Suite 705
Government Avenue
P.O. Box 2388, Manama
Kingdom of Bahrain

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