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Black Widow

Cast: Stephen Amell, Gyton Grantley, Kenny Wong, Torstein Olaussen, Patrick Murray, David Asavanond, Mandy Lieu.

Year: 2016

Genre: Action, Thriller

Synopsis: War veterans Mike and Chris have found their escape from reality in the form of Pattaya, Thailand’s ‘red light district’ capital. A recent spate of expat ‘jumpers’ dropping from hi-rise buildings has been the talk of the town – are they suicides or pre-meditated murder? After Chris is kidnapped, Mike squares off against a mysterious cult and Thai police to save his buddy and rescue his girlfriend.

Portraying the hope, desperation and darkness found in the underbelly of Pattaya, Black Widow explores the truth and reasons behind its characters’ search for meaning, purpose and the companions with whom to share it.

Time Period: Present (2015)

Location: Thailand

Budget: $USD 3.5 M

Language: English

Director: Ian Kenny

Screenwriter(s): Ian Kenny, Jeff Rybeck

Producer:Peter Flynn

Director of Photography: Miles Rowland, ACS

Mike: Stephen Amell
Chris: Gyton Grantley
Baey: Kenny Wong
Brian: Torstein Olaussen
Drew: Patrick Murray
Thai Police Seargent: David Asavanond
Ning: Mandy Lieu
Target Market(s): this film primarily targets males, but has a strong romantic back-story, making it of interest to the female audience. The demographic is 18-40 years.
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