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In Development - Fo Fo Figgily (2015)
Today: Oct-7
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Fo Fo Figgily

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Cast: This is not a cast-based film but a TV series. The actual characters and voices of characters are in the language of each country where the series is shown.

Year: 2015

Genre: Children, Education

Time Period: Present


FO-FO FIGGILY is a children-based entertainment and education program focused on targeting childhood obesity and unhealthy living through the encouragement of physical fitness, using educational components such as the identification of letters, numbers and shapes.

Lead character Fo-Fo Figgily goes on a journey to a magical place called Seabucklebark where he meets new friends along the way and stops at special places to learn safety and healthy eating tips, interact with fitness tips, dance and sing to original songs, and much more.

Some of the benefits of the show’s experience:

> Fitness and Healthy Eating

> Increased self-confidence

> Better interactive social skills

> Improved concentration

Parents can be assured that the show will not offend their country’s traditions and customs, as the program will be individually tailored to its market.

The first series will be shot in Thailand.

Languages: English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese (Mandarin), Arabic and others, according to market.

Creator: Jamie DaVicky

Writer: Jamie DaVicky

Director: Ian Kenny

Producer: Peter Flynn

Target Market(s): Young children (ages 1-5) and their parents.
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