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In Development - Tackling Romeo (2015)
Today: Oct-8
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Tackling Romeo

Year: 2015

Genre: Comedy, Dance, Romance, Sport

Time Period: Present (2015)


Working-class, high school rugby star BOBBY SHERWOOD has everything going for him: popularity, the hottest girlfriend in all of Fairfield County, a scholarship to an elite Connecticut prep school, and Yale Law awaiting.  There’s just one thing standing in the way of Bobby’s golden future – his secret past as a ballet dancer!  In a desperate quest to rid dance from his life forever, Bobby sets out to moonlight in a one-off production of Romeo and Juliet.  Juggling “school-by-day, ballet-by-night” proves a total disaster, despite the aid of loyal best friend, MARTIN, who is adamant that BOTH OF THEIR LIVES will be over if anyone should ever find out. As his girlfriend, the entire rugby team, PRINCIPAL PARKER, the terrifying DEPUTY PRINCIPAL LYNCH, and his father come closer to finding out the truth, Bobby, now cast as Romeo and falling for his Juliet, finds his perfect life imploding as he struggles with being the boy his whole world knows and loves and the young man he really is inside.

A feel-good story about finding the courage to be true to yourself, TACKLING ROMEO will captivate mainstream audiences worldwide with its warmth, humor and beautifully choreographed dance numbers.

Setting: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey

Budget: USD $16 M

Director: Lynda Heys

Screenwriters: Lynda Heys and Steve Turnbull

Based on source material by: Lynda Heys and Stuart Beattie (PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN; COLLATERAL; GI JOE)

Producer: Steve Turnbull – Faraway Films Entertainment Pty Ltd

Executive Producers: Peter Flynn, Ramez Tomeh

Director of Photography: Peter James (Meet the Parents, Black Robe, Yogi Bear, 27 Dresses)


Editor: Mark Warner (PROOF OF LIFE; Laura Crofts TOMB RAIDER; DOUBLE JEOPARDY; *DRIVING MISS DAISY) * Academy Award Nominee


·      Bobby Sherwood (lead): Matthew Bradley (contracting)

·      Rebecca Andrews (lead):  Mary Mills-Thomas (LOI)

·      Alejandro Ramírez (major supporting): Carlos Acosta (contracting)

·      Brittany Hotham (major supporting):  Valentina Novakovic (contracting)

·      Martin Fraser  (major supporting): Charles Cottier (contracting)

·      Principal Parker (major supporting):  Christopher Lloyd (BACK TO THE FUTURE; MY FAVORITE MARTIAN) (expressed interest)

Target Demographic: A wide international mainstream demographic, including dance enthusiasts, between ages 12 – 30; female skewed.

Production: Australia starting early 2015.

Post-Production: Deluxe Labs (Australia)

Strategic Opportunity: 40% government rebate, on QAPE (Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure) secured and to be cash flowed by Fulcrum Media - plus potential investment by Australian and State Government up to $2M.


PITCH PERFECT (2012 Year) (Budget: USD$17 M)

US Domestic Box Office $65M

Foreign Box Office $50 M

Worldwide Box Office: $115 M

Domestic DVD sales: $ 72M

Domestic Blu-ray sales: $21M

Total Domestic Video Sales: USD $93M

Digital Sales $40M (Forbes)

Plus a Platinum Selling Soundtrack

Estimated Total Revenue: $248M

Foreign Sales: Arclight Films
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