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The Violinist

Genre: Drama
Period: Current
Synopsis: Death not only deteriorates the body it deteriorates families. This film is a parallel storybetween an Arab and a Jewish family narrated by Khalid, 22, and David, 23, both lawstudents who meet at the University of Michigan. The widespread hatred between Jewsand Muslims triggers their repugnance towards each other. However, both students havesuffered a great and similar loss. Will the rage, sadness and disappointment inflicted byloss prevail, or will the two young men connect in a time of despair and find solaceamidst generations of propagated racism and loathing towards another faith and culture?
Before losing his brother Mohammed, Khalid had a dream of becoming a professionalviolinist. Sadly, death halted that dream and replaced it with law school. Khalid’s father,Noor, pressures Khalid into attending law school to become a dignitary. Noor’s now onlyson will not become a struggling musician, even if the price is his personal happiness.This thought encourages Khalid to find happiness with the beautiful student, Nasha, aNative American goddess who has captured Khalid’s eye. Nasha’s boyfriend, Carl, standsin the way of this romance. Nevertheless, the barricade does not prevent Khalid frompursuing Nasha, who is also David’s best friend.
David has lost his girlfriend, Arielle, in a terrible accident. Losing the love of his lifenumbs every aspect of his being until it sedates his soul. David wreaks pain on his bodyin the hope of feeling something other than the numbness that encompasses hislife. David’s life is void until meeting Khalid. Khalid’s violin is the only instrumentalforce that awakens his spirit. He is drawn to the sounds of the strings in a ferventway. Unfortunately, it was a Jew that killed Khalid’s brother, so this friendship does notcome without severe friction. Will David learn to stand on his own after losingeverything? Can he become a brother to Khalid, a man who despises him not because heis an anti Semite, but because a Jew killed his brother?
This story explores the truth that although we come from different faiths, cultures andcountries, we all suffer from loss in the exact same way. The comfort of a brother can beanyone with a soul willing to listen.
Writer/Director: Lance Kawas – 19 National Awards for Screenwriting. 7 Awards forDirecting. Two highest rated films for National TVstation TV One. (
Producer: Scott Rosenfelt (Home Alone, Teen Wolf, Mystic Pizza)
Location: USA (Ivy League Law School)
Budget: $3 Million
Language: English
Target Market: Men and Women ages 18 and above.
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